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ES #F Supply all the way

The daily chart of the S&P 500 mini futures contract above shows our proprietary SUPPLY and DEMAND Dashboard and BXB (Bar by Bar) Signals using data from the NYSE.

The euphoria from all of the positive talk coming out of G-20 countries has worn off and the markets are now looking for an actual behaviour change out of the two parties.

The ES rallied to a high of 2814.00 on Monday, but could not take out the previous swing high at 2818.00. Yesterday it was Supply all the way and the ES closed lower by 89.00-points, nearly wiping all the gains of the previous 4 sessions.

Simplified volume is still in Buying pressure territory so we may see a pullback into the 2747.00 area.

As stated previously our down side targets / support were identified at 2657.00, 2625.00, 2567.00, 2542.50 and 2475.00.

Daily Signals December the 4th:

S & D Dashboard Algorithm and Daily Signals all turned Bearish


A pullback is possible as we reached the fear level on the Supply/Demand Sentiment Tool. Follow through or not to the downside will be a clue as to the next move.


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