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ES #F Demand, but pullback warning


The daily chart of the S&P 500 mini futures contract above shows our proprietary SUPPLY and DEMAND Dashboard and BXB (Bar by Bar) Signals using data from the NYSE.

Our near term outlook is Bullish, but the following warns us about a possible temporary pullback:

  1. We have pullback signal on the Daily signals dashboard, with Average Supply and Demand Volatility reaching an extreme.
  2. Selling pressure is developing.
  3. Price moved to the top of the Regression channel and the trend line drawn from the major swing highs.
  4. Yesterday volume exceeded the previous day’s volume, but made less upward progress.
  5. The Comparative strength ratio is weakening and at the top of the Bollinger band.

A pullback may follow. Should the market trade downwards, support zones are at 2668.00, 2640.00 and 2626.00.

End of the day Signals January the 31st:

S & D Dashboard Algorithm is Bullish, but the Daily Signals turned Bearish

These readings are an independent assessment of the one and only measureable fundamental market mover: SUPPLY and DEMAND. It does not matter if price is influenced by a geopolitical event, seasonality, fundamental economic data releases or sentiment driven news, etc. It all reflects in Supply and Demand, the “footprints” of the “Big Boys” or “Smart Money”.


Although the Fed’s recent softer stance on interest rates and the recent jobs report gave extra momentum to the near term Bullish move, a pullback is possible. The market reached “overbought” levels for the moment, and a pullback is possible, before continuing upwards.


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Click here for example of reversal trade taken in Feeder Cattle that can be found on this page.



Over the past 4~5 months, our research team has authored numerous articles and research posts attempting to help traders and investors understand the future market moves.  As today is the last day of January 2019, we thought we would highlight some of our research to help you better understand exactly how our unique skills and tools can assist you.

Remember, at the time of the first post, September 17, 2018, the markets were still about 2~3 weeks away from setting up a major top.  There wasn’t a single analysis, except our team, that had the foresight and knowledge to make the predictions we did on that day.  We still get comments from our members asking us how we did it.

Take a minute to read through this detailed history or our research posts to learn why Technical Traders Ltd. is continuing to be one of the best informative forward research and trading solutions you can find anywhere.  We believe our team and proprietary price modeling tools are superior to many others out there and our record stands for itself.  We are not perfect, but very few others can call the markets future 5+ months in advance and pretty much “nail it”.

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