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White vertical lines is where the Smart money is most active. Sometimes a cluster of 2 or more bars.Normally a Pull back or Reversal occurs within 5 bars of this Smart money bars.

Wait for Buying/Selling pressure (Cyan line turning up or Dark red line turning down) on Volume Simplified Oscillator (normally leads price) and

Volume Flow (Dots and Arrows in chart) to confirm Pull backs and/or Reversals. These tools is all based on VOLUME which

is the RESULT of SUPPLY and DEMAND. Any event that drive any market has a resulting Volume Flow consequence, created by Supply and Demand!


Using these Volume Tools is easy and Fundamentaly sound and the Strategy is easy :

After Smart money bars (at highs and lows - trade location also important) wait for Selling and Buying Pressure AND Volume Flow Confirmation

Look at Support and Resitance (we use volume profile) for entries and targets and

Time your entry with any Price indicator of your choice and you have a WINNER!

MCT Simplified Volume


The Wyckoff Method