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MCT Multi Time Frame Trigger - Watchlist

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MCT Multi Time Frame Trigger - Watchlist

Multi time frame analysis is very powerful. We developed a watchlist version of our powerful multi time frame trigger to make it easy to monitor several instruments on several time frames on one watchlist. The watchlist version uses Heiken-Ashi logic getting rid of most of the market noise, making this one of our most convenient and powerful monitoring setups. The indicator triggers when there is confluence in 4 time frames. We use the indicator by loading it twice on a watchlist with shorter term and longer term time frames and thus we are effectively watching 8 time frames, 4 time frames for a shorter term trigger and 4 for a longer term trigger. This setup is very very powerful indeed and very convenient and easy to monitor on one page, without having to open multiple charts. The watchlist show the trigges for the current bar (column 1) the previous bar (column 2) ad the bar before the previous bar (column 3), so one can monitor the changes in the triggers and see when a current bar is triggered.

An alarm (pop up, sound and/or email) can also be set to warn when indicator is triggered.