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Supply & Demand Dashboards and Sentiment Tools

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Supply & Demand Dashboards and Sentiment Tools

Institutional quality tools and comprehensive trading system using Supply, Demand and Volume data. Independent fundamental assessment of market conditions for clues of the future market direction.

The concept of rising prices when demand exceeds supply and the lowering of prices when supply exceeds demand is universal. These tools will give you an edge in the market with the assessment of the intensity of Supply and Demand, Supply and Demand direction/flow and the consequent future direction of price. See our SUPPLY & DEMAND page for more information.

The Supply and Demand Tools will display the Supply and/or Demand on any time based chart. Two Dashboards, one using a proprietary algorithm to index the strength of Supply and Demand, directional strength and Supply and Demand Volatility, displaying the data on an accumulating daily basis. The other Dashboard using the same data, but displaying the information, using a bar by bar approach, with a recommended buy or sell signal. TheSupply and Demand Sentiment Tool measures the “Greed” and “Fear” of market participants using Supply and Demand.

These tools will substantially reduce your efforts in identifying Supply and Demand!

It works on all markets and time based chart setups and include 3 tools:

1. Supply and Demand Dashboard, showing the intensity, direction and volatility of supply and demand.

2. BXB Signals Dashboard for bar by bar assessments and signals.

3. The Supply and Demand Sentiment Tool, showing the supply / demand flow and "Greed" and "Fear" sentiment for overbought and oversold conditions in the market.

All 3 for the price of one on our limited time offer. As a bonus it will include another 2 Dashboard tools using alternative data calculations available on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and another one for the NASDAQ and our SmartKam paintbar. That is a set of 6 excellent tools, that can identify what the "Smart money" is doing and who is in control of the market, Supply (Sellers) or Demand (Buyers). If you use the Wyckoff method or not, for an independent fundamental assessment of market conditions, you MUST know if Supply or Demand is dominating!!

The normal selling price is $1297.00, but for a limited time only it will be available at an incredible low price of $697.00 for all. The price will include a one on one session to install and setup the Tools on your platform and a basic overview and explanation of all the readings and signals.

Click on this link to see example of the tools on chart!

SEE ALSO OUR MCT WYCKOFF WAVE TOOL.  When studying price movement on charts, it is clear that there is a lot of noise on most charts. A lot of this bar to bar noise are eliminated and nullified when studying the movements in waves.

Click on this link for a detailed description of the Wyckoff Method.